Deuter Trail 22 Backpack - SS22 - Navy Blue - mens - One

Deuter Trail 22 Backpack One of the lower volume packs in the Trail series, the Deuter Trail 22 Backpack is the perfect pack for alpine hikers and climbers that need a close-fitting, ventilated pack. Constructed with stabiliser straps, the Deuter Trail 22 allows for the optimal positioning of the backpack. Integrated compression, sternum straps allow for optimum volume adjustment and help to stabilise the pack on the shoulders for increased comfort and even weight distribution. Contoured shoulder straps are anatomically shaped for increased comfort and reduced irritation, with a tough, highly breathable mesh lining that allows cool air to permeate to remove uncomfortable heat build-up. The shoulder straps have additional load adjustment straps to ensure equal weight distribution by adapting the pack's centre of gravity. The Aircontact Trail System offers a comfortable fit and perfect load distribution focusing on a body-hugging fit that brings the weight closer to the body and closer to the centre of gravity for full load control and effective transfer. Two Aircontact pads with breathable hollow-chamber foam help to distribute the load evenly whilst allowing hot muggy air trapped between the body and the backpack to escape for cool comfort. An additional ventilation channel is created between the Aircontact cushions. Working via a pump effect, the movement of the body prompts the exchange of air for optimum ventilation and reduces perspiration by 15%. Anatomically formed 'Auto Fit' hip fins offer a body-hugging fit that helps to distribute weight whilst ensuring full freedom of movement. The hip fins offer a quick, super tight fit through automatic side compression and a pull-forward hip pin. The ergonomically designed side compression offers narrow take-off points that melt into the body for a comfortable fit that transfers and distributes the load evenly, whilst the mesh lining increases the breathability to prevent uncomfortable heat build-up. A pull-forward hip pin allows for easy and precise adjustment for the optimum fit. A garage allows the hip fins to be stowed away when not in use. The Derlin U-shaped frame offers flexibility and increased stability without compromising the light weight of the backpack. The frame follows the body's movements with ease and offers a body-hugging fit to create a comfortable yet compact system that provides even load distribution and effective load transfer for a stable and steady performance. Designed with ActiveFit straps and a flat lid construction this backpack works to provide full freedom of movement, particularly allowing the head to move freely even with a helmet on for increased peripheral vision. A multitude of pockets provides easy access to essential items. A zipped front compartment is ideal for storing maps and navigation equipment that needs to be accessed quickly and conveniently throughout a hike. A two-way zip on the front provides direct access to well-buried items, even when the lid is...

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